The path that Jihye has walked as a jazz pianist is very unique. Though she started playing the piano at the age of seven, she had to stop playing because her parents who were also musicians did not want her to become a musician. Hence, she majored in electrical engineering and worked as a marketing manager at a Korean telecommunication company as her parents wished.


However, her passion toward music had kept growing day by day.  While she was in a college, she regularly performed pop and funk at a local club in Seoul and released 2 albums with her band.


However, since the skills and understanding in music were acquired over the shoulder, she felt necessity to obtain a systematic music education. In 2013, she came to U.S. to study music. She studied contemporary music at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.


At Musicians Institute, she encountered various genre of music ranging from pop, RnB, funk to jazz. Being taught by Russell Ferrante from Yellowjackets, Jeff Collela, Joe Bagg and Mamiko Kitaura together with her devotion to music, she showed her talent and skills instantly as a pianist and a composer. As a result, in the winter of 2015, she won a grand prize at the Stanley Clark scholarship competition.  During her time in LA, she explored a wide range of music genre and decided to dive into genuine jazz more.


In 2017, she moved to New York to acquire master degree in jazz performance at William Paterson University in which she is learning jazz under the guidance of  Harold Mabern, Bill Charlap and James Weidman. Recently, she recorded her original jazz tracks with NY based professional musicians. She was acclaimed to be a very strong composer and clearly unfold improvisor with perfect musical sense by New York jazz artists.


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